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Are You Looking For A Russian Language School In Zurich?


Are you in search of an institute where you can learn the most important Slavic language in no time? InFront is one of the leading Russian language schools in Zurich. We offer a wide selection of Russian language courses that guarantee steady progression. You can be confident to find the right Russian course with InFront. Please click here to get an overview of our current offers.


Make an Investment in Your Future


Booking a course in our Russian language school in Zurich is an investment that will open up doors and enrich every single day of your life. Many Swiss as well as international companies maintain business relationships with Russian firms. They are looking desperately for people who are able to communicate and negotiate fluently in Russian. If you meet these requirements, you can choose from a multitude of high-paying jobs. This makes learning Russian an investment in your future.


Personal Language Coaching


Have you already done a course at a Russian language school in Zurich but weren't satisfied with the outcome? Then one-one-one teaching might be a more effective alternative. Personal coaching is totally different to traditional language courses. It's about helping you improve your Russian for specific situations. The course focuses on your individual areas of need such as vocabulary and accent.


Together with your instructor, you define your learning goals and then formulate a strategy. The course length and intensity is determined by your own schedule and enthusiasm. After some time, you will get a completely new perspective on your communication skills. This method of teaching helps you to improve your personal effectiveness quickly.


Affordable Tuition Fees


Our Russian language school in Zurich offers a wide selection of courses at affordable rates. If you book 8 to 10 lessons (45 minutes each), we charge CHF 60.00 per teaching unit. For 11 to 20 lessons we charge CHF 54.00. If you book 20+ lessons, you will profit from a 15% discount (CHF 51.00 per lesson).


We also offer tuition packages that help you to save even more money. The longer you work with our Russian language school in Zurich, the less you spend. Our tuition packages are listed below:


Bronze Package – this one includes 2 teaching units per week.

Silver Package – this one is comprised of 4 weekly learning sessions.

Gold Package – this package includes 5 lessons per week.


The rates for the latter package start from CHF 280.00 per week.

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