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Cheap German lessons

Lesson packages from only

CHF 290.00 per month - 

Proficiency Levels:







Lower Intermediate:                   
Upper Intermediate:                   



C1 / C2

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Additional Information:

Start Date of group lessons:                   Each Monday

Course Times:                                 10am to 10pm daily

Group Sizes:                          Maximum 4 or 8 students
Course Duration:      Courses are ongoing, packages can be renewed at anytime for maximum flexibility.

German - English - French - Russian - Ukrainian

Course Prices:

Private Lessons

(one on one)


CHF 960.00 per package

(16 lessons of 45 minutes)


                  Lessons structured around                     your individual needs. 

Standard Group Courses

(maximum 8 students)


CHF 290.00 per month

(16 lessons of 45 minutes)

Private Group Courses

(2 to maximum 4 students)


CHF 570.00 per month

(16 lessons of 45 minutes)

Conversation Workshops

(maximum 8 students)


CHF 228.00 per package 

(8 workshops of 90 minutes)


Practice your vocabulary and speaking         skills in a fun and interactive way. 

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English language lessons Zurich
Private Lessons:
16 lessons (45 minutes) = CHF 96O.OO
- Available for beginner to advanced levels.
- Tailormade according to your wishes.
- Flexibility regarding days and times of lessons.
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Cheap German lessons Zurich
Standard Group: (Maximum 8 students per group)
16 lessons (45 minutes) = CHF 29O.OO / month
(2 lessons, 2 days per week).
 - Ongoing course, packages can be renewed at any time. 
 - Available for beginner to advanced levels.
*Standard Group = Maximum 8 students per group.
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German language school Zurich
Conversation Workshops:
16 lessons (45 minutes) = CHF 228.OO / month
1 month package: (based on 2 lessons, 2 days per week)
 - Workshops are ongoing, packages can be renewed at any time.
 - Possibility to attend one day per week if preferred.
 - Currently available for German only.
* Maximum 8 students per group.
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Mandarin lessons Zurich
Private Group: (Maximum 4 students per group)
16 lessons (45 minutes) = CHF 57O.OO
- Available for beginner to advanced levels.
- Flexibility regarding days and times of lessons.
*Private Group = Maximum 4 students per group.
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