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Welcome to our German Language School in Zurich!


German language schools in Zurich like InFront play a vital role in providing access to the German language. Unlike English or French, the grammar is relatively complex and difficult to learn and master. You definitely have to put in a certain amount of practice. A lot depends on the way the language is taught. For that reason, it is crucial to choose a school that offers personalized education programs.


Our German Language School in Zurich offers a wide range of individual courses for those who want to learn German for professional or private reasons. On this page you find an overview of our current offers as well as a detailed price list. We look forward to welcoming you to InFront!


Unlock Huge Business Opportunities


There are many reasons to book a course in our German Language School in Zurich. For one, German is the native tongue of some of the most developed and richest regions in the world. Being an official language in the countries of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium, learning German is the key to unlocking gigantic business opportunities. Here are some facts to consider about the German language:


With well over 100 million native speakers, German is by far the most widely spoken language in Europe. An additional 80 million people speak German as their second or third language. 10% of all books published worldwide are in German. Interestingly enough – German is also the third most popular language taught after French and English.


Learning German is also an essential precondition for successful integration. Although Switzerland is divided into four distinct linguistic and cultural regions (French, Italian, Romansh and German), the German-speaking part comprises almost two thirds of the country. In no less than 17 cantons, German is the only official language. Among them are the cantons of Zurich, Zug and Basel-City.


Get Acquainted with the German Language


Learning a new language is a lengthy process. Most people would agree that German is more difficult to learn than Spanish or French. This is especially true for native English speakers. The unusual sentence construction is tough at the beginning. On the other hand, the verbs are relatively easy to spot. Also, there is a limited number of key grammar patterns to memorize.


At our German language school in Zurich, beginners can become acquainted with the local language very quickly. The small group size (max. 4 or 8 people) guarantees perfect learning conditions. Our teachers have the freedom to customize each curriculum to match every student's individual needs.


Great Location in the Heart of Zurich


Our German language school in Zurich is located in Kreuzplatz, next to Stadelhofen train station. The school has excellent transport links and is easily accessible by foot. Many shops, restaurants and centrally located sites of interest can be reached within a few minutes walk. For a detailed map, please click here.



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