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Discover Our English Language School in Zurich


The Infront English language school in Zurich opened with the aim of providing quality English language tuition in a convenient location in central Zurich. The courses are complimented by a range of activity options such as trips to the shops or social events.


Our English language school in Zurich has helped countless students from countries all over the world to improve their English skills. We are proud of the high quality of our educational and specialist services. If you want to take your English from “good enough“ to “great“, InFront is the place to go.


Affordable Rates and Clear Pricing


Many learning institutes charge course fees that are simply not affordable to the majority of the population. The InFront English language school in Zurich not only offers you attractive rates – you also have the possibility to end your contract whenever you want. This gives you maximum flexibility and leaves you in control of your spending.


The rates for English courses at InFront start from CHF 21.37 per lesson (2 month course/2 lessons per week/total cost = CHF 684.00). Private courses start from CHF 45.00 per lesson. Our courses are available for every level of English language education, ranging from beginner to advanced learners.


Improve Your Job Prospects


In today's business dominated society, a good command of the English language gives you a competitive edge when searching for jobs. Companies that are about to expand into overseas markets are constantly searching for people with great English skills. By learning the language, you will be indispensable at your workplace.


When you are sent to English speaking countries, you will be able to speak freely to locals and other travelers. As you can effectively communicate with many more people, you will have a much better experience. Over time, you will learn to put things into different perspectives regarding other cultures as well as your own.


Enjoy an Exciting Learning Experience


One of the goals of our English language school in Zurich is to offer each student a great learning experience in a comfortable environment. Our class sizes are small, so you can learn the language in a relaxed atmosphere. Standard courses have a maximum of 8 people in a class. For private courses, there is a limit of 4 people. We provide a personalized teaching program that enables you to acquire the necessary skills to interact in English at work and in everyday situations. For further information regarding our English language school in Zurich, feel free to contact us using this e-mail form.


German - English - French - Russian - Ukrainian

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